Motivation to Use Video Games/the Internet

What leads someone to use video games or the Internet?

There are numerous reasons why someone may use video games or the Internet. According to studies, the Internet is often used as a form of entertainment and a source of pleasure and excitement. Users are usually looking for a novel experience, social interaction or companionship. The Internet may enable them to express themselves without being judged on physical appearance, sexuality or age. Hence, users may receive encouragement or recognition through the Internet. Certain studies have shown that young Internet users find it easier to confide in others on the Internet as the Internet `guaranties` anonymity. The Internet also enables young people to address sensitive issues such as sexuality.

What about people who experience difficulties in controlling their video game or Internet use? We find that problematic users often play for similar reasons to the general public. However, over time other reasons can become more important. These may include escaping from everyday problems (work, family, school, etc.) or emotional difficulties (depression, low self-esteem, insecurity etc.).

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