PEGI Rating System

What is PEGI?

PEGI is an acronym for Pan European Game Information. This is a rating system for the age-suitability of products, which is recognised throughout the whole of Europe. The PEGI system enables parents and children to choose games that are suited to a child`s age.

Video games are categorised into the following 5 age groups:


In addition, the video game packaging also provides the following information about sensitive contents:

Violence: The game contains violent images

Fear: The game contains images that may disturb young children.

Offensive language: The game contains offensive language

Sex: The game contains scenes of a sexual nature

Drugs: The game contains references to drugs (e.g. use, dealing or buying)

Discrimination:  The game contains images which may encourage discrimination (e.g. sexual or racial)

Gambling: The game may encourage gambling or provide detailed information about its function


For further information visit:

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