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This website (Stop-jeu) is for anyone who is interested in or affected by problems related to gambling, video games or the Internet. It includes information and tests, which enable the user to evaluate their playing. It also offers advice on stopping or controlling use and managing finances. The site includes a discussion forum, which can be used to communicate with Internet users about playing-related problems. Stop-jeu also provides information and advice for friends and family members who may be affected by problematic gambling.

The Stop-jeu website was developed by the Institute of Social and Preventative Medicine (l'Institut de Santé Globale ISG), within the University of Geneva`s (Université de Genève) faculty of Medicine. The site was jointly created by the Centre for Gambling Addiction (le Centre du Jeu Excessif; CJE), which is part of the Community Psychiatry Service in Lausanne`s University Hospital (Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois; CHUV). The two departments worked in partnerships with numerous institutions for gambling addiction, throughout Swiss Romande. Stop-jeu was developed using public funds and receives no financial backing from the gaming or pharmaceutical industries.


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imsp et le cje

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