People at Risk

Who will become an excessive video game or Internet user? Are there predisposing factors?

There is no single profile of a problematic video game or Internet user. Young people and adults alike may be affected. Current statistics show that males are most likely to be affected and adolescents may also be at greater risk.

Current studies have several limitations: They are mainly conducted with adolescents, using Internet-based questionnaires and administered via gambling websites or video game-related forums. The results are therefore not representative of the general population!

The following factors appear to be linked to excessive practice:

  • Lacking self-confidence or being shy and introverted
  • Playing in order to avoid difficult situations (social or family-related)
  • Being unable to manage strong emotions
  • Having experienced strong emotions during the first time of playing
  • Experiencing mental health problems
  • Having school or professional problems
  • Having easy access to the Internet or video games
  • Experiencing an identity crisis, particularly during adolescence
  • Not feeling satisfied within the real world
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