Can excessive gambling lead to suicide?

It appears that excessive gambling could be a risk factor for suicide. A Canadian study by Séguin et. al. (2005) found that 5% of people deceased due to suicide had experienced gambling problems. It has also been observed that people receiving support for gambling problems often have suicidal ideas. We should, however, highlight that many people with gambling problems do not consider suicide and never attempt this act! The relationship between excessive gambling and suicide can be explained by several factors. Firslty, the numerous losses associated with excessive gambling (financial, social, familial etc) may cause significant distress and difficulties in seeing a reason for living. Secondly, excessive gambling is often associated with mental health difficulties or other addictions (substance use, alcoholism) which are equally linked to suicide risk. Finally, the link between excessive gambling and suicidal behaviour could be partially explained by impulsive tendencies, which are often characteristic of people with gambling problems

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